Dr Pepper

Keurig Dr Pepper, formerly Keurig Green Mountain and originally Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, is a publicly traded American beverage and beverage-maker conglomerate with dual headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts and Plano, Texas. Its east-coast division sells coffee and other beverages, and Keurig brewers.



This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Sparkling fruit flavour soft drink
  • With no artificial sweeteners
  • That distinctive flavour you just can’t quite put your tongue on
  • Serve cold for maximum refreshment
  • Dr pepper is a carbonated soft drink marketed as having a unique flavor. The drink was created in the 1880s by charles alderton in waco, texas and first served around 1885. Dr pepper was first nationally marketed in the united states in 1904 and is now also sold in europe, asia, canada, mexico, australia, new zealand (as an imported drink), south africa (also as an imported drink) and south america. Variants include a version without high fructose corn syrup, diet dr pepper, as well as a line of additional flavors, first introduced in the 2000s. W. W. Clements, former CEO and president of the dr pepper/7up company, described the taste of dr pepper as one-of-a-kind, saying- i’ve always maintained you cannot tell anyone what dr pepper tastes like because it’s so different. It’s not an apple, it’s not an orange, it’s not a strawberry, it’s not a root beer, it’s not even a cola. It’s a different kind of drink with a unique taste all its own.


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